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-by Christopher Heron

This is an interview I did with  I thought I would share it with the family.   Let me know what you think?

Letron, your online company is dedicated to offering musicians the tools they need to enhance their musicianship.  What are the essential skills or level of proficiency a musician must have before they can benefit from your offerings?

Answer: has something for musicians of all levels.  Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, you will find something at that will meet your needs.

In a very simple and straightforward way, could you please explain what exactly your services and lessons through offer to the musician?

Well the site offers many features to musicians.  I am constantly updating and adding to the site to make it as rich with content as possible.  One of the features I'm most proud of is the "Free Lessons" section of the site.  This section is filled with chord progressions, scales, licks, runs, theory lessons, and videos to help get musicians to that next level.  I have sound clips as well to accent the topics being discussed in the lessons.  It is my vision that this area of the site will overflow with useful and FREE knowledge to all of the musicians that visit.

I also have my musicians’ blog which I use to discuss topics that are relevant to musicians today.  This is a place where musicians can express their concerns and views with each other as they relate to the topics being discussed.

Last but not least, I have tons of products on the site that I have gathered from the many musicians out there who have been given the charge to commit their talents to a form which will benefit others.  I have books, DVDs, CDROMs, and software products on the site that musicians can browse and decide whether it will fit in their musical studies.  One of the key features that I believe is really beneficial is the fact that you can PREVIEW the videos BEFORE you buy.  This is very important in our time, because you would want to make sure that the product suits you before you make your purchase.

Could you tell us a little about how these lessons were designed with the purpose of improving musicianship?  And who are the individuals responsible for offering their knowledge and expertise in this area?

The lessons and DVD videos offered on the site come from an array of accomplished musicians who have answered God's call to teach the world how to worship through musicianship.  I am a musician myself and I sought out individuals that had the same goals and mindset for raising the standard for musicians in the church.  I have been blessed to work with Mike Ross, Sebasten Wheat, Paul Whitley, Akeem Downs, Jermaine Griggs, Jamal Hartwell, Rhett Jarrett of Soulful Productions and many others towards this goal.

What was the inspiration for launching a site like

Well as I touched on in the previous question, I wanted to help build a new age of musicians that are serious not only about their craft but also about God.  I have seen many musicians that are very talented, but they take advantage of what they have been given and don't really acknowledge God for their blessing.  They just go through the motions.  On the other hand, you have those that have a true and sincere heart for God, but their skills are lacking to the point where they can't be as effective.  It is my desire and goal to bring these two individuals into one, to create an army of talented soldiers for God's Kingdom.

There are so many styles to Gospel music.  There’s Praise & Worship, Traditional, Contemporary Gospel, etc.  Are your tools helpful for any and all musicians or is it best utilized by a certain type of format or musician?

No, caters to all styles of gospel music from the old hymns of the church to the more contemporary songs played on the radio today.  It is important to learn all styles so that you will be able to function in other areas.  One of the keys to this is being able to recognize the styles and play them by ear.  With the products and services offered on my site, you can get there relatively quickly.

Gospel music, like certain other styles of music for instance Jazz, World Rhythm, Reggae, etc leaves the musician to reinterpret the music and steadily improvise throughout the song.  Can a musician learn how to improvise and reinterpret music or is this an inherent quality, almost a 6th sense that’s more of a feeling than a skill?

Well I believe you are referring to playing by ear or improvisation based on recognition.  It is sort of like a 6th sense in that it really relies on your intuition of the song and situation you are in.  If you are familiar with many songs and many styles, you can use your knowledge and experience to transform the tunes you know into something totally different but recognizable to the audience. gives tips and techniques for building your ear and memory so that you can get to the area you desire quicker.  Playing by Ear is a skill that has to be developed and we help you cultivate and nurture that skill.

And finally, what are the spiritual and musical rewards to enhancing your gift as a musician, whether you’re a music minister, a band member of a Gospel group or just a closet musician with a passion to master your instrument?

Well the great philosopher, Plato, said that music has the power to move people.  It is the job of the musician to help set the atmosphere for God's presence.  A talented musician who is ALSO in tune with God can achieve this.  It doesn't always have to be in a church either.  It could be at home with your family, or in your private studies.  Once you get to the point where God is moving through you because you've done your preparation, then that's the reward or feeling that makes it all worth it.


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  • 4/23/2008 3:46 PM Alessandro Abrahao wrote:
    Hi, Letron is the best site I have seen! It has everything I want as a Gospel musician. It really can led me to a next level. God bless you and your fellows!

    The problems is: I live in Brazil. I´ve searched the site and haven´t found anything about sending orders to a foreign contry. It would be possible shipping to Brazil? Please, don´t say no...

    And one more time: God bless you for sharing your amazing knowledge.
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    1. 4/23/2008 4:39 PM Letron Brantley wrote:
      Hello Alessandro,
      Thanks for contacting us!  Sure we can ship to Brazil.  When you purchase from my site, just select Brazil as the country.  If you have a preferred shipper you would like me to use other than UPS or United States Postal Service, just send me your address and I can let you know what the shipping would be.
      Thanks again, 

      Letron Brantley, CEO & Founder
      Divisions of Brantley Enterprises

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